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Added value for students and our partners

Take advantage of our diverse options for reaching out to the decision-makers of tomorrow. With our keen understanding of the needs and desires of the “always on” generation, we develop a concept based on strong, individually customized ideas for credible employer branding among students, which generates lasting impact and enthusiasm. We use our established online and offline channels to communicate your brand and find the best young talents for your company.

For many years, we have successfully operated our job placement service as the largest independent career platform for students and graduates of Swiss universities in all fields: www.campus-career.ch (formerly known as: www.arbeitsvermittlung.uzh.ch) At the same time, we provide numerous companies with an effective platform where they can present themselves to their target group and define their brand as an employer.

To optimally support students and graduates in their career planning efforts, we have tailored the career platform CAMPUS CAREER for students and companies. It is about more than job placement. The focus is on defining the transition into working life and the start of a career.

Sponsoring opportunities

In addition, take advantage of our diverse channels and sponsoring opportunities for raising awareness of your company among students, doctoral candidates and graduates and making contact with interested individuals.

Focused content: Presentation of a subcategory under the “Career Advisor” heading. Write an article on a current career topic and present your contribution in our Career Advisor. Target groups can be effectively reached via specific issues. Strategically selected topics give you the additional possibility to effectively communicate career-related content while simultaneously satisfying the need of students and graduates for information.

Present a subcategory in our Career Advisor magazine and advise students and graduates regarding a career issue. Your article will remain online for an entire year.

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